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The Help Center is designed to provide a complete self-service support option for your customers. The Help Center contains: a knowledge base and, on Guide Professional and Enterprise, a Customer Portal for support requests. You can also add a community to your Help Center if you have Zendesk Gather.

Your customers can search for knowledge base articles to learn a task or search the community, if available, to ask fellow users questions. If your customers can't find an answer, they can submit a support request.

For more information, see Help Center guide for end users.

Each user has a Help Center profile (Guide Professional and Enterprise), so your Help Center users can get to know one another better. Profiles contain relevant information about the user, along with their activities and contributions.

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  • Good Morning, 

    Just wondering if there are plans for a mapping feature to assist in dispatching service orders 

    Currently I have to go thru the list - open the order copy the address and paste it in a mapping program to see if it works for that day. This is very time consuming compared to the mapping feature I used previously with the LNOS routing system 

  • Having issues with LP49 Totalizer Readings. The Ending Totalizer Reading for 8/14 is not the Beginning Totalizer Reading for 8/15?

  • One of our Trucks M 36 is showing a system inventory quantity of 200 gallons for product #15 on the tablet (Mobile Delivery Ap) but in Cargas M 36 does not show any inventory. Is there a way to modify the system inventory on the tablet?


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